Black Dealership Groups Add Sales, Not Stores

The nation's 60 largest black-owned dealership groups got bigger last year, combining for $7.17 billion in revenue, a 21 percent increase from 2011, according to Black Enterprise magazine.  

MARY BARRA:  First Female CEO of a Major Automaker  

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We have conducted several studies recently that are focused on specific elements of the automotive industry and how those elements relate to minorities.  It is important to put into context the significance of the industry to minorities with unbiased, third party facts and anecdotes that affirm what we already know.  Here are two recent reports that the Automotive Project published.       

The Rainbow Push Coalition operates several initiatives around the country that are dedicated to fighting for social change while protecting, defending and gaining civil rights through leveling the economic and educational playing fields. See what else the organization does around the country:      

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Industrial Service Company of the Year says:

General Motors made history by naming Mary Barra, former executive vice president of global product development, its next chief executive officer.  

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